RosemaryBleeds (rosemarybleeds) wrote in tragiccreationx,

Poem...whatever...wrote it tonight.

Remember me as the roses fall in October,
I'll be recounting all the ways that we
collapsed into each other's gaze like
Birch trees calloused in their disease.
Never did the sky seem so endless...
In all of my days, drowning in the breath
of blue, that turned upside down in this
world where the ocean was meant to be on
the bottom shelf. You treated me with the
vindication of an artifical flower, hanging
loosely on the shelf...threatening to fall
over into your waiting hand, open...extended
like the pale legs of a spider.
At least the fall was graceful, you remarked
as we departed from the store, the road
sweeping through the winding country side,
following the bricks...the hills, the vast
expanse of nothing and everything as though
it were captured inside a snow globe.
The same slender fingers circling around, to
shake this world like a toy...and we flew,
how we flew like the glittering jewels of
cells, or like grass after a drizzle.
There we landed...and remained for some time,
lost within each other's eyes as time, it
evolved, spent and wasted as leaves heaved
themselves from branches. And I sighed.
Remember me as the roses fall in October,
I'll be counting all the ways that we laughed
in each other's wake, shadows cast in
mauled ivory, glistening on the pavement.
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