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Recording this into the community....

Lacerate me out of reality, as you
had woven me in with your diligent,
soft fingers...working the sticky
thread, creating around you a tragic

Dissolve me from this existence
as a pill melts on your tongue,
tiny fabrications of the imagination
that builds block, upon block of
reality...crumbling under my weight.

I want to be listless, drifting on the
currents as their moods re-arrange
their direction. To be swept away...
out of this dimension, escape...
detached like a head consumed with smog.

Breathe...once, twice...Another breath.
All there is to living, a breath. Slowly
another piece into existence, eyes of green...
melted into brown, and ebony...breathe...
A lock of black hair, resting on ivory skin...

No...breathe, the eyes remind me of a rag-doll
tossed the other day, a decoration for the landfill.
...breathe, once...twice...Throw her away...
The frail body dissolving from reality with a
flinch, a painful, to render
it into life...drifting into the devastation...

Sever this tie that makes my wrists ache,
push me with the wind, into the draft that
would sweep me away...Work your magic, and work
it well...that the memories may be turned to statues
of stone, that I myself become nothing...disappeared. weightless...
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