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Massochist Love Story ...or The girl I just don't understand
Call me a cunt
Call me a whore
kiss me and bruise me

And Baby I'm yours

The only boy
i'll ever love
will tell me i'm not good enough

this is my tragic love story

wont you weep for me?
How cruel
How cruel the boy!

But I love him!- I'll say!
I can't leave him!
I love him!

And they'll say:

you deserve better

and they'll hold me

and listen with shocked eyes

And baby watch out,
when I tell the guys!
Cause how angry they'll be!
How dare that piece shit
pick on poor little me!

And they'll say:

leave him honey!
you're so pretty!
you're so smart!
any boy would be lucky to have you!
to win your heart!
he doesnt deserve you!
you could have anyone!
you don't need to put up with this shit!

And i'll say:
i'm scared!
he said if I leave he'll...!

i love him!

it was my fault anyway!

he says he loves me!

And i'll say i'm leaving
then tell you why I can't
and i'll stay

Because I love him

Because he calls me a cunt
and He calls me a whore
and he holds me to roughly
and I keep begging for more

my sweet addiction
my tragic love story

wont you weep for me?

I can't wait to see your faces when I tell you!

And all the guys
will come with their fists
ready to fight

they'll come to my rescue

to be my white knight

oh how they love the damsel in distress

who knew this game
could ever be over?

*Just a thought exploration into some girls I dont understand...the kind who seem to like to be in abusive relationships, maybe for the attention? Idk...but yeh... there ya' go. No, it's not a poem about myself. Alot of the heavier poems I post wont be, I have a heavey interest in psychology and behavior...dont mind me.

*very poorly written but idc, i dont have much time, just flexing a bit...
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